Double-layered, self supporting
inflatable air domes



Double-layered, self supporting
inflatable air domes



Double-layered, self supporting
inflatable air domes



Double-layered, self supporting
inflatable air domes



We’ve built hundreds of air domes and we operate about a dozen of them ourselves. We strive for perfection and we improve constantly. When we had a problem with ice freezing on the dome surface, we changed the surfaces.
We reinforced certain parts of ventilation units. We lifted the dome corners.
We developed better anchoring. And the list goes on and on…


One layered Regular double layer TILEA
Energy saving
All-weather resistant
Playing near walls/corners

One-layered domes are

typical cheap solution that gets very expensive over time. Heat loses are huge, the dome is supported only by air pressure within it and is prone to collapse.

Classical double-layer

domes have good insulation properties, are supported by pressure between the membranes as well as inside the dome and if properly anchored, can withstand any weather. Their shape, however, doesn’t allow to play close to corners and walls.

TILEA air domes

have all the advantages of double-layer domes and some extra features: reinforced inner membrane, advanced anchoring solution and high corners, allowing players to use the whole playing field.

TILEA Air Domes have 3-times better isolation properties than single-layered domes*

*the U-value for TILEA domes is around 1.65 W/m2K, while single-layered domes typically have values above 5.20 W/m2K


We observed that in regular domes, football players can’t kick corner kicks and tennis players often hit the wall with racquets, especially in smaller domes and playing in doubles.

So, we changed the dome construction.
Our domes have increased corners, the height over the goal is 7m and height over goal area is 9m. This enables kicking regular corner kicks.


In terms of insulation properties, TILEA double-layered air-domes rank among the world’s top.
To minimize heat loss, we use a comprehensive approach, including improved airflow, high quality membrane materials, thermal bridges isolation and improved thermostats.
The thermal savings in comparison to older dome types are around 50%.


Both outer and inner membrane of our domes are extremely tough. It means that not only will membrane withstand any weather but it will not tear once hit by tennis racquet or football.

Did you know? 1m wide strip of our membrane material can support 22 tons.


We use the excellent ventilation units produced by the industry leader, Italian CMT Clima company. During the last 25 years CMT developed in cooperation with our company units containing many special features and improvements exclusively for TILEA.

Easy Installation/De-installation

We will dispatch our specialists to install and de-install your air dome. The only help we need from you are several unskilled workers.

Long Warranty

We offer 5-year long warranty on membranes and LED spotlights and 2-year warranty on ventilation & heating units and all other components.

Easy Transport, Storage, Maintenance

TILEA uses special carts for transporting the air dome components.

State-of-the-art LED Lights

LED light technology is developing fast. In fact, there are new types of spotlights every year. Therefore, we update the lighting for our halls on yearly basis.

Innovative Anchoring

We developed anchors consisting of 2 parts. The permanent part of the anchor is completely buried underground and doesn’t interfere with the game when the dome is not installed.

Several Fuel Options

With TILEA domes, you can choose which kind of fuel for your heating units you prefer. Gas, heating oil, hot water or wooden pellets – our systems can handle all of them. Advanced solutions like condensation units are available.


With TILEA, you work with reliable partner that is always ready to help.
We will do the installation, de-installation, maintenance and repairs.
Drop us a line today!